A little bit about us ... how it all began.

It was in Beaches when composer / song writer Hogie Siers was introduced to musician / vocalist Frank Wilks. In 1984 Bruce Palmer teamed up with Frank Wilks and Stan Endersby to form the "Buffalo Springfield Revisited" Band. Dewey Martin was brought up to Toronto, Canada to join in the band and off they went on tour for the next four, almost five years under this band name. Neil Young and Steven Stills gave the BSR permission to tour with this name.

This band toured for six years. Frank shared the stage with artists like, The Band, John Sebastian (Loving Spoonfull), Skunk Baxter (Doobie Brothers) and the Spencer Davis Band. Just following Frank’s appearance on a Telethon” at Ceasers Palace in Los Vegas he returned to Los Angeles for a short period and then back to Toronto to form a band called “White Buffalo”. A few years later “Big Medicine” was put together and the band name was recorded as the CD’S title. The song “Nairobi”, written by Frank Wilks, was made into a video which you still see today being played on “Much Music”!

Years passed and Frank Wilks started performing solo from time to time. Hogie Siers created an inspirational Hockey song for fans that soon became a fan favourite. From the song's inception it was only a matter of 48 hours before Q107FM brought the song to air and other stations picked up the single release soon after and passed it along the road to sister radio stations and other radio stations across Canada and into the U.S.

Hogie says "One Take Frank" so named because of Frank's ability to record the song in just one take without missing a beat literally ... adds, there couldn't be a better Canadian vocalist for the song at the time. The song was suited for Frank and I'm glad he brought the song to life! In the year 2,000 Frank started his "Frank Wilks Band" and he also produced a solo CD called “Raise My Spirit Away” with a number of Toronto musicians. A CD really worth listening to.

Back home in Toronto, excitement grew as our team of heart were pressing through overtime in the month of May to reach the finals and Frank and Hogie were congratulated on coaches corner by Don Cherry and by Doug Gilmour as he made a surprise appearance during a music session at a local pub. The Sky Dome also broadcasted the song on the JumboTron cheered on by 22,000 Toronto fans.

The band says thanks ... to all Toronto fans and radio stations for giving it air time, our crew and production support team and everyone that we have met along the way. We are truly grateful for your support in helping to bring life to the song once again.

Hogie says he was inspired to write a new song (a little more energized) just about the game of hockey in general and not about any particular team. We'll let hockey fans cheer on the song ... for their own hockey town. It's a song written for all hockey fans young and old from coast to coast ... for every hockey town in Canada and the U.S."

He crossed paths with a talented vocalist by the name of Sudip MJ from Toronto. So their audience, production crew and promoters are enthralled by Sudip’s vocals. Sudip gained a lot of performing experience with touring, playing many metropolitan arenas with crowds of up to 20,000 people. He started his performances in venues from the Rivoli, Lee’s Palace to the Glen Gould Theater (CBC) with an orchestra as background music.

Hogie knew Sudip was the right vocalist for this new hockey rock song as they together would strive to bring this catchy tune into arenas and radio centers across North America and he was right. The song has already received favourable feedback from hockey fans, CBC music, Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest, columnists and other recipients of the song from Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Ottawa and Toronto.

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